Broom Frio Holding (BFH) a company dedicated to providing services related to the activity of cold storage, packing and warehousing for fruits.

We are located in strategic locations, with plants in Ovalle (Chile), Morropé (Peru) and Ridderkerk (Holland).

We are part of Broom Group and its development area Broom Logistics, which through its different companies and wide coverage allows us to provide comprehensive services throughout the logistics chain, both nationally and internationally.

Our goal is to be part of the logistics chain so that the fruit reaches its destination in the most optimal conditions for consumption, and that its freshness and flavors can be enjoyed as if it were recently harvested from the tree.


Contribute to the care and treatment of our clients' products, with the highest quality standards and the commitment of our professionals.


Process the fruit of our clients, in order to reach the objective markets with quality fruit for the final consumer. In the time, and conditions required by the market, with uninterrupted availability of processes.


We generate services tailored to the needs of our customers, with a commitment to maintain the freshness of the products until they reach the final consumer.

Focusing on the professionalization of processes, we have all the tools to receive, process, pack and dispatch the fruit while properly protecting it to withstand the long journey to any part of the world.